We are a full service of wooden flooring Company in Gurgaon and Delhi , supplying and fitting an extensive range of flooring options for your residential and commercial needs. Our extensive range of flooring decor offers any look that perfectly matches your home and office interiors. Nexaa has taken their customers to new levels of satisfaction with over-the-top service, top quality products, and the highest level of professionalism. Providing
expertise in the form of design services, advice and recommendations is an important part of our service ensuring our customers always get a product that's ideal for their requirements. All of our wooden flooring is finished to the highest standard and comes with a 10 year guarantee, giving you piece of mind that the floor will
remain in great condition. We'll help you weigh up the benefits of all types of flooring and the space you want it applied to. This includes a full survey and consultation. This ensures you always get an end result that looks great and stays that way for many years into the future. Engineered flooring is a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. The elegant look of engineered flooring can add character and warmth
to any room in the home. We have the best in class quality wooden flooring to meet your need at affordable prices.

We take pride in answering your questions and always getting back to you when promised to our flooring installers when they are working for you. Whatever your new flooring installations requirements at home or at work, you can rely on us to provide a superb service from start to finish. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and there's nothing we love more than providing customers with the attractive flooring they've been dreaming of.

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Hardwood flooring

We are associated with world's best premium hardwood flooring brand which brings the richness of nature to your contemporary lifestyle, besides expressing your taste for perfection. Bring home the timeless beauty and enduring quality of authentic hardwood with top brands. Choose from rich cherry, smooth walnut, classic oak and other variations.

Unlike conventional hardwood, which comes straight out of a tree and into your home, engineered hardwood is a more complex product that consists of several layers. The outermost is a hardwood veneer, a thin slice of wood (less than 1/8") of whatever species you desire. The inner layers are made of plywood, high density fiberboard,
or hardwood. The core layers make the product more stable than regular hardwood, while the outer veneer surface adds beauty and authenticity. Engineered hardwood is different than a hardwood laminate because the surface is made of real wood. While laminate has a core of high density fiberboard, its surface is basically a picture of wood (or any other material, for that matter). Laminate is less expensive than engineered and solid hardwood, but has a different look and feel due to its make up Read.

In addition to beauty, our premium brands spell quality and durability. Thanks to its advanced manufacturing process, . You can be rest assured; your floors will stay beautiful and offer unsurpassed performance through the years. Hardwood Flooring is a combination of strength and style that exudes superior character and class. For hardwood flooring needs, come to the wood flooring specialist that can give you the finest that there is... "nexaa" a unit of Nikunj projects pvt. Ltd.

Engineered Wood Floors

The engineered wood's top layer is genuine wood veneer and the engineered components are constructed using multiple cross-ply planks underneath, making the flooring more stable. Engineered wood flooring is typically prefinished, often with durable finishes including UV cured polyurethane for extra durability.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the practical flooring choice. Durability, easy maintenance, fast installation and low cost is all about what most consumers are looking for in their renovation, and the laminate flooring has it all. Great for homes with elderly or children as the laminate floor provides warm comfort on the feet and has anti-slip quality. With our wide range of laminate flooring designs, you'll be spoilt for choice. We carry varies grades of laminate floor,

Vinyl Flooring

This is revolutionary new flooring in Singapore, also known as "water-proof laminate floor" by consumers. These wood look-alike flooring is scratch resistance, water-proof, anti-slip, quiet to walk on and easy to maintain, that is why more residential and commercial sites like offices and shopping centers are installed with this brilliant floo


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